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Konferences, kongresi

*** 4. Māsu, vecmāšu un ārstu palīgu kongress

21.-23.09.2017., Rīga


*** A Day at the Breech (Prāga 22.09.2017.)

A Day at the Breech

***Midwifery Today Conference “Trust, Intimacy and Love—The Chemistry of Connection”
Helsinki, Finland • 4–8 October 2017

*** Use of Water in Support of Normal Birth (Prāga 20.-21.10.2017.)


*** Up to the Roots of Midwifery ( Prāga 2.-4.11.2017.)

Up to the Roots of Midwifery

*** “International Conference On Nursing” ,The conference will be organized around the theme “Commitment And Challenges Towards Better Healthcare” (Londona,30.04.-02.05.2018.)

*** 3rd European Congress on Intrapartum Care ( Sanktpēterburga 5.-8.09.2018.)