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Konferences, kongresi


Starptautiskie kongresi un konferences

7.-8.oktobris 2019, “Midwifery and Birth Management”, Paris, France.
Tēma: “Promoting Clinical Excellence in Labor and Delivery Clinical challenges in Labor and Delivery”
Dalības maksa Eur 1200.

Tēma: “Bridging excellence in Pregnancy and Child Birth”
Dalības maksa Eur 830.

30.oktobris – 3.novembris 2019, MIDWIFERY TODAY CONFERENCE, Blankenberge, Belgium.
Tēma: Creating a Better Futurw of Birth”
Dalības maksa Eur 395.

31.oktobris – 3.novembris 2019, “3rd Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISIDOG) Congress”, Porto, Portugal.
Dalības maksa Eur 200.

29.-30.novembris 2019, EMA 6th conference, Malmo, Sweden.
Dalības maksa Eur 389.

30.septembris – 3.oktobris 2020, “Birth congress”, Valencia, Spain.
Tēma: “Clinical Challenges in Labor and Delivery”
Dalības maksa Eur 300.