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Aicinājums no ICM dalīties Ziemassvētku darba pieredzē:

Dear ICM Members,

Do you have an inspiring story to share about this time of year?

Was there a Christmas childbirth that you cannot forget? Or was there a moment that touched you and reminded you of human kindness.

This month we are producing a blog for the end of the year and would like to have share inspiring stories from our members. We will pick two and share the stories on our website and newsletter.

Send us your stories by responding to the two questions below! 900 words maximum. Deadline: 14December.

Brief introduction of yourself, including member association, area of interest and expertise and why you decided to become a midwife: 

 What stories do you think impact the life of women and their newborns in your country during this time of the year ( Christmas, winter or New Year’s)?



Vēstule veselības aprūpes speciālistam “Valproāts: jauni lietošanas ierobežojumi; jāievieš Grūtniecības nepieļaušanas programma”


Goda vecmātes pieteikuma anketa

   (Aizpildītu anketu lūdzam sūtīt uz


Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2012. gada 18. decembra noteikumos Nr. 943 “Ārstniecības personu sertifikācijas kārtība” 



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